Shoreline Living

Welcome to Washington Shore Stewards. We are waterfront and stream-side property owners who share ideas, information and resources to enrich the beauty and abundance of our shoreline properties. By understanding and applying a few habitat-friendly concepts we are creating healthier waters and shores for birds, fish and wildlife. We are leaving something better to those who will follow.

Our membership includes homeowners, renters and residents who live along the shoreline or in communities with shared access to the beach, or who have a river or stream on their property. It also includes farmers and forest owners, parks, port districts, cities, businesses and others with land along shores and streams. We learn 10 habitat-friendly guidelines and voluntarily apply as many as we can when caring for our beaches, bluffs, gardens and homes. In turn, we receive official recognition as Shore Stewards.

We love our beautiful shores and waterways, and understand as owners and users that we are the stewards who will pass them to the next generation. We are learning all we can so we may care for them wisely and pass them along in even better condition.

Shore Stewards is open to those who live along streams, who own or rent shoreline property, or who live in communities with shared beach access in Clallam, Island, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom counties. Members in each county learn 10 Guidelines for Shoreline Living. For details about your county’s Shore Stewards program, please click on the map.